Beat the Monday blues. Here’s how you could do it

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Let’s face it: Monday hits all of us sometimes. While there are many gurus, motivators and thinkers who say that if we really love our work there should be no such thing as Monday blues, for regular walking-talking folks out there work is not always the biggest draw, day in and day out. After the weekend, especially if you have a life outside of the office (which is a great thing by the way), getting back to your desk on Mondays can be bit of a drag. Mondays come with its own pitfalls: demanding bosses, deadlines, goals (some of it too abstract to make sense), swipe-ins and swipe-outs, lunch hours etc…. basically a set of rules we program ourselves to follow, but are not really keen on. With a salary staring at us from the end of the tunnel, the whole problem is harder to deal with for some of us. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if we didn’t have to fight Mondays as much as we generally have to? Here’s a quick guide to easing out the Mondays blues and welcoming the week with some semblance of joie de vivre:

If it is too bad, review what you are doing

First things first. If getting back to work on Monday pulls you down so badly that you cannot function without feeling depressed consistently, week after week, the problem is more serious than just Monday blues. It needs fixing. It is a sign that you are unhappy at work. Make a list of things that are not letting you function like yourself, and address them. If you are not yourself, you can’t function normally. This could, in really serious cases, could be a sign of depression. You need to find out what is bothering you and take proactive action to beat your blues. The usual Monday blues don’t hit you consistently. The sign of regular Monday blues is that you are aware of it. It should not cripple you. If it does, see a therapist. Continue reading Beat the Monday blues. Here’s how you could do it

Characteristics that make mentally tough people what they are

thomas-edison-quotesIf things are going wrong (and they often do, if Murphy is to be believed), how you cope up with it gives an indication of how mentally strong you are. If you see an individual all riled up because the job he thought was his for sure did not fall into his lap, you know that the mind is not in the best shape. So that we may understand how to deal with adversities that life puts before us, it is important to understand how mentally strong people deal with situations and what traits they employ to get there. Mental strength is an amalgamation of emotional intelligence, grit, resilience, self-control, mental toughness and mindfulness. Here is a quick glance at how mentally strong people behave, according to Ryan Holiday, the author of the forthcoming book Obstacle is the way: Continue reading Characteristics that make mentally tough people what they are