“I fell flat on my head. I touched rock bottom”

Avanika Mote recalls how a wonderful morning turned rainy and one little misstep led to a brain injury that changed the way she saw life forever

A CT scan image of sudural hematoma image courtesy: wikipedia.org
A CT scan image of sudural hematoma
image courtesy: wikipedia.org

It was a weekend and we were jamming till the wee hours for a concert. The twilight at dawn was ethereal. It was so beautiful I ran up to the terrace with my camera to shoot the sky. The moment, however, seemed to be fickle – soon dark grey clouds seemed to come out of nowhere. Before I could shoot the next picture, it started to rain. I clicked a quick one and started walking down the staircase. The rain was terrible. The entire staircase was wet. With the intention to save my camera from getting wet, I walked fast and fell off an entire flight of stairs. Flat on my head. I touched rock bottom. I have no memory of what happened next.

The next thing I remember: lying in my bed, trying to breathe. My head didn’t feel like it existed. The pillow was stained with blood. I regained consciousness and realised I had hurt my head real bad. The inflammation was such that I felt like I had three heads. Weird and awfully painful.

I was lucky to have my friend around. He applied Soframycin on my head injury, which was still bleeding. Since it was a Sunday, most clinics had shorter days and it was tough to locate a doctor nearby. By this time, while the local bleeding had stopped, the pain was excruciating.

We finally managed to get an appointment with a doctor I often go to for minor events like muscle sprains, fevers, etc. He inspected my injury, gave me a tetanus shot and a few painkillers. I was okay with the tablets as they reduced the pain, but the head cramps and disorientation haunted me. Continue reading “I fell flat on my head. I touched rock bottom”

Can’t recall that film you saw last week? Don’t forget that cup of green tea, coffee

Benefits of Coffee
image courtesy: http://www.savetime.com

Nobody likes that frustrating feeling, when you ‘know’ the name of the film you saw last month but can’t really bring it to your lips. That’s your memory not matching up to your needs. It makes one thing clear: it needs preservation too. After all, you are not getting any younger.

Coffee and tea are two drinks you can rely on to keep your memory in the game. It also helps keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay, according a study in the journal Neurobiology of Aging.

According to the study undertaken by French and German researchers, caffeine in coffee positively affects particular protein deposits in the brain that are connected to Alzheimer’s. It not only keeps your memory healthy, but also cuts the risks of other cognitive disabilities. Continue reading Can’t recall that film you saw last week? Don’t forget that cup of green tea, coffee

10 brain-powering superfoods

There’s good news for the 100 billion neurons in your brain. You can boost them with these 10 superfoods!


Image courtesy: whittier.edu
Image courtesy: whittier.edu

Neuroscientists have proven that, in our lifetime, we not only hang on to our neurons but we also grow new ones. Throughout our life, our brain is continually expanding and reshaping itself in response to what we learn through it. Even something as silly as learning to bake can alter the structure of the brain. In a recent experiment, Lutz Jäncke, a Swiss neuroscientist, studied the brains of people who were learning to play a musical instrument. It was found that their brain went through significant changes in areas that control hearing, memory and hand movements. This was true even in participants who were 65 and older. So, what can we eat for a smarter-working, highly powerful brain?

Here are 10 superfoods that will boost your brainpower. Continue reading 10 brain-powering superfoods