10 Habits of Healthy Couples

It’s February – the month of Valentine’s day. I am sure your social media feeds must be full of all sorts of mushy posts. If scrolling through these posts and looking at all those cute and cuddly happy pictures of couples with ‘hashtag #couplegoals’ is making you wonder about the secret of their relationship, then read this.

Every relationship is unique and demands different things to strike a healthy balance. Behind every #couplegoals, there is a story and struggle that are not depicted in those social media posts. A relationship is just like a tree that requires constant nurturing before it begins to bear fruits. There are no set rules for a healthy relationship. However, relationship experts maintain that couples who develop certain healthy relationship habits tend to lead happier lives.

Now, what are these healthy habits? Here are a few healthy habits that will help you in rekindling love with your partner this Valentine’s Day:


Communication plays a vital role in every relationship. You should be able to put across your feelings to your partner without any inhibitions. Vented up emotions can harm your relationship. Bridge the communication gap and talk about everything from good to worse.

Workout together

According to research, 94% of couples stick to their fitness regime when working out together. Taking up a physical fitness activity will not only help you in achieving your fitness goals but will also allow you to spend some quality and fun time with your partner. Enrol yourself for some dance lessons or get a couple’s gym membership.

Mark your boundaries

Being around your loved one or having your loved one around you all the time can be overwhelming. Identifying and being at peace with your individuality is as important as being a couple. Talk to your partner and mark your boundaries concerning your alone time. Being able to spend some time alone is as essential as being together with your beloved.

Take up a mutual hobby

More often than not, people underestimate the power of sharing a mutual interest or hobby. In a relationship, people tend to overlook this aspect, but the relationship experts think otherwise. Having a mutual interest or hobby helps the couple connect more intimately. It allows you to spend some time away from the domestic issues and discussions.

Divide responsibilities

Every relationship comes with specific responsibilities, and it is vital to divide the load equally. If the burden of responsibilities is either more or entirely on one person, the person will crumble sooner or later. This can result in emotional outbursts in the form of frustration or anger. Dividing the load implies both the persons putting in the equal amount of efforts to make things work smoothly.

 Appreciate and celebrate

The celebrations do not always mean grand. Bring in some joy by celebrating every small little feat of your partner – it can be something as simple as being complimented or appreciated by the boss in the office. Make a conscious effort to appreciate things in and about your partner. Don’t stock up your appreciation for special occasions. Make every day special.

Express love

No matter how long you have been into a relationship, saying an ‘I love you’ shall always be magical. Don’t let the mundanities of everyday life take over the romantic in you. Form a habit of expressing love every time you walk away from each other. A gentle reminder can go a long way.

Be clear about what you need and how you feel

You might believe that if your partner loves you, he/she would know how you feel. Love should never be judged on this parameter. Irrespective of how much your partner loves you, they wouldn’t know what’s going on in your mind until and unless you tell them. Develop a habit of talking about the hard stuff – the stuff that bothers you. This sort of communication helps in strengthening the bond between couples.

Couple time

Take out some time from the everyday hustle for yourselves. Spend some quality time talking, discussing or doing things that you both enjoy. It could be a movie date; a dinner date or simply after dinner walks every night. Devote this time to yourselves by keeping aside your domestic life.

Physical intimacy

As the years pass by, couples tend to overlook the importance of physical intimacy in their relationship. The physical touch is comforting and consoling. Give a hug while bidding a goodbye or while getting back home after the day’s work, or make an effort to snuggle to sleep every night.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list. Every couple could have their own needs. As a couple, find out what works best for you and put it to practice. The key to a healthy relationship lies in understanding your partner. Hope these habits help you in finding that balance in your relationship this Valentine’s Day.