Going organic? Here’s how to go homegrown

How do you deal with health during the times of resources depletion and global climate change? While battling to ban Monsanto and harmful chemicals in our processed foods, how can we look after our health priorities?

By eating sustainably.

There’s an undeniable connection between what we eat and how our health is. The famous saying, “you are what you eat” holds the code to change our eating habits in times of global resources crisis. If you’re already health conscious about eating, you may already be buying what’s labelled as “organic”. But ever wondered why these organic foods are even more expensive than the regular mass-produced food? Because, somewhere in the supply chain, it is NOT sustainable enough. The prices are higher because of the higher costs involved in production of such food. I am not denying their organic nature but the higher prices are worth giving a thought since it all comes in “packs” from your organic food retail store. Continue reading Going organic? Here’s how to go homegrown