Ladies, here is why you should pick the nice guy

Researchers say that nice guys are best bets for the longer race

beniceYes ladies, things are not what you thought. A long-lasting relationship requires a solid character. So, while the ‘bad boy’ may drive you wild and electrify your day (and night) for a while, the probability of a long, happy union with them is far slimmer than your average Joe, because Mr Average Joe has qualities that were hitherto seen as boring or predictable. In truth, his solidity is what contributes to real happiness in marriage, and even passion.

TY Tashiro of University of Maryland and a University of Tennessee study say neither looks nor income were major factors in happy marriages.  Nice guys apparently make better mates in the long haul. Continue reading Ladies, here is why you should pick the nice guy

Breath can tell if you’ve lung cancer

A simple breath test can now predict if you are at an early stage of lung cancer

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The University of Louisville developed a special device that can predict whether or not you may be prone to lung cancer. Using this device, researchers at the university tested the exhaled breath of people with dangerous lung lesions that were detected on CT scans. The breath was tested for four types of carbonyls. Carbonyls are cancer-specific substances. If three out of four carbonyls show high levels, lung cancer has a fat chance in about 95% of patients while having normal levels of these substances was predictive of a noncancerous growth in about 80% patients.

According to the study, elevated carbonyl levels normalised after a surgery performed to remove the cancer. The study was published this Tuesday at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons annual meeting in Orlando.

Earlier, patients needed to go through an invasive biopsy procedure when a suspicious lung mass was found. Now this study suggests that exhaled breath can easily identify which patients need an immediate surgery making it simpler and much easier for the patients to get a diagnosis for lung cancer.

However, the conclusions of this study presented at medical meetings should be viewed as preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.


Now, a test that predicts heart attacks

This could be a revolutionary test as early predictions would allow you to take measures to keep your heart fighting fit

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This must rate as one of the most heart-warming piece of news in medical science in recent times, because it has the potential to make heart attacks far less effective.

A new blood test has been developed that can accurately identify individuals at a very high risk of a heart attack. This means, if diagnosed as high risk you could take immediate steps to remedy the situation much before a heart attacks gets you.

The Scripps Research Institute, California, has come up with this test. It relies on a “fluid biopsy” technique that flags specific cells called endothelial cells (CECs) in the bloodstream linked to heart attacks. It also successfully distinguished patients undergoing treatment for a recent heart attack from healthy individuals.

Called the HD-CEC test (High-Definition Circulating Endothelial Cell test), it is basically an endothelial cell watchdog. These specific cells, which line artery walls, are linked to ongoing heart attacks when circulating in the bloodstream. They are apparently found in plaque blockages in blood vessels and when they rupture, it causes inflammation in the arteries leading to blood clots that trigger heart attacks.

The accuracy of the test was proven when researchers checked blood samples of 79 patients who had experienced a heart attack and compared them to 32 healthy persons. It showed CECs were elevated in the heart attack patients.

Indian medics find way to ‘fix’ insulin without needles

Indian researchers create breakthrough method of delivering the  insulin pill. The days of injections seem truly numbered now

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Insulin Pills
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This is probably the sweetest bit of news for diabetics around the world, and it is coming from India.

A report in the Medical News Today says that Indian researchers have figured out a way to ‘fix’ the insulin pill in the body.

Till now, one of the biggest obstacles was in delivering the insulin pill to the gut in a way that it can be absorbed by the body. A team of researchers at the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research have found a method to do this: wrap insulin in little sacs of liposomes, which are made of the same material as cell membranes. Continue reading Indian medics find way to ‘fix’ insulin without needles

An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal on aam aadmi’s health

By Santanu B

Arvind Kejriwal (Image Courtesy -
Arvind Kejriwal
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Dear Arvind Kejriwal:

Now that you are going to be the chief minister of Delhi (with Congress support, of course), we at Savetime have a few concerns and requests for the Aam Aadmi Party. To begin with, you deserve a round of applause for taking on the money machine politics of Delhi and showing them that people are not stupid. Now a word of caution: please do not degenerate into an aam party. With the Congress behind you that is a possibility. Of course, we understand that in politics there are compulsions and, in order to change things, it is better to be in power. We do not know how quickly or effectively the system can be changed, but we cannot be sure until somebody gets a fighting chance. So, while we look to a brighter future (what’s the new year for, anyway?), we know that we have to tread lightly because the fact is, your party is yet to be put to the governance test. While people’s revolutions work well, the brains behind it may or may not make great administrators. Look what happened to Assam. After the Assam Accord was signed by Rajeev Gandhi and the revolutionary students’ body, AASU, took the reins of governance as the AGP, it screwed up the state’s future because the leaders could not handle the power (and the dough that comes along) humbly and sensibly – a very common story. Continue reading An open letter to Arvind Kejriwal on aam aadmi’s health