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One fine evening  siting in my cozy room, playing with my TV remote, jumping from channel to channel, suddenly one TV serial caught my  eye. It was “Second opinion” , it is about the tragic experiences people have in hospitals and clinics and how the wrong diagnosis or delay in treatment caused disasters to victims and a thought process started.

Everyday we watch on the news or read in newspapers about many people dying in road accidents or due to some dreadful diseases; even though the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry has advanced so much and we have medicines available for almost all diseases. I started thinking what might be the reason behind this and what can we do to control it. My train of thought resulted in this blog writeup.

Lack of education, hygiene and discipline in road traffic are the main reasons for the many lives we lose everyday on streets or in hospitals. Many people die in road accidents because they don’t get the medical attention in time. Now a days people hesitate to help, because they don’t want to disturb their normal routine. For them reaching office on time is more important than saving someones life! This reality makes me feel numb but the situation is not hopeless yet. There is still some humanity left, we just need to encourage more and more people to show it.

I don’t expect everyone to jump at the accident site or hospitals for help; though it is great idea, but even the tiniest of our every day deeds can help a great deal. For instance, while traveling always make way for an ambulance first, it may save a critical patient’s life.

I read a few days back about a group in Delhi which provides free medical treatment to poor people.

Likewise, we could buy medicines for some one who can not afford it. This reminds me of an episode from the Aamir Khan starter show “Satyamev  Jayate”. In this episode one gentleman shared his experience about how his maid’s son lost his life due to a very easily curable disease such as Diarrhea, simply because he did not receive medicine on time. This is very depressing and makes me wonder in which millennium are we living. On one hand we have reached the moon while on the other hand people die due to such mundane disease.

Then there are the donations a person can make. Blood donation is like an elixir for not only the receiver but it is also healthy for the donor. The more willing people pledge for important donations like eyes or other body organs after the death. Such pledges while being a small gesture in life, let you feel the joy of giving a new life to someone, even after you move on with the journey after life…

There are some situations like where your love and affection can do wonders that even medicines may not.  We can work with NGO’s which helps aids patients or their children, orphans, disable children. I am also trying to do something for  people who tested positive for HIV. For this I got inspired by my own family members. My father and my  younger sister work to help such people. For last five years my father is organizing AIDS awareness camps and my sister works for the “prabha-hira  pratishthan palavi pandharpur ” which is the home for  abandoned children’s tested positive for HIV. Your little help can also enlighten their lives.

And the list goes on… I hope this blog will make us all think about the current situation and doing something for this cause. Remember, even the tiniest of our every day deeds can help a great deal!

Abhijit AradhyeAbhijit is an .NET developer working for He did his MCS from Pune Universicity. He is very passionate about software design, Real world and how the two intersect. Love to learn new technologies. He is a passionate person who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. He enjoys music, watching movies, selectively read books mostly written by P.L.Deshpande. He is very passionate about cricket.  He love’s swimming and Chess also.

Be Alert, Be Healthy!

Be Alert, Be Healthy!

There are very good lines on Doctor-Patient Relationship  Wikipedia page that says, The Doctor–Patient Relationship is central to the practice of healthcare and is essential for the delivery of high-quality health care in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. The doctor–patient relationship forms one of the foundations of contemporary medical ethics’. Isn’t it true? Sure, it is absolutely true but whatever is happening these days in my surrounding healthcare system is making me rethink the truthfulness of this statement.

In today’s world, the healthcare system appears seriously broken. We are losing faith in the Doctor-patient relationship thanks to malpractice and unprofessional behavior of some medical practitioners. In recent years in India, we have read so many stories of how some doctors commit fraud just to earn some extra money. This is a shameful issue for the noble profession of healing the sick. Also commission-based practice is growing rampant within the healthcare system.

Ultimately who is going to be affected by malpractice? It is the patient. The race for getting more money is making a very bad impact on patient’s health. There are some cases where patients ended up losing their life just because they consulted with the wrong doctor.

From the patient perspective, main problem here is that they are not able to find out whether they are going to right doctor or not. Sometimes they also don’t know the name of specialty for which they should actually look for. Apart from this, there is another major problem we have. There are many ‘bogus’ Doctors. It is a topic for another time since it involves too many legal, ethical  & social issues that surround the issue. Finding right (it does mean right & trusted) doctor in your area may be easier you if you are localized or know that area very well. But what about migrants or those who don’t have that much knowledge about that area? It is the biggest concern for their health. They will surely need some medium that can help them out in finding right doctor for them. Even if you are quite familiar with your area some times, you may need to know about which doctor to go to. is an initiative to help people find the right doctor in a very efficient manner. The website maintains a fully verified database of doctors along with comprehensive information about them. So be alert about whom you are consulting for your precious health. Be alert, be healthy!

Ketan, savetime.comKetan is a passionate and one of the youngest members of our .NET team. One can always find him busy implementing the coolest and the wackiest ideas. He does not talk much but when it comes to speaking technology and inventions, he is unstoppable! He loves learning new things and loves to learn them fast!
Ketan has an engineering degree in Computer Science from University of Pune, India. Other than development, he loves to play chess, read books, watch cartoons & sci-fi movies.