Friends with Benefits

Friends are an important entity in our lives. The only people with whom you can share and say almost anything you want and feel without giving second thoughts.

We have different friends who fit in different categories like  a friend  you can call any time of the day/night, a friend who is always ready for an outing, a friend who has the same taste in movies/books, a friend you don’t fancy for no apparent reason but still tolerate and the list goes on. But as the jingle goes ‘har ek friend zaroori hota hai

Sometimes when friends do something it gets us in trouble. Seldom has it happened that you benefit with free gifts and coupons courtesy your friends – unless it’s your birthday (which will also burn a hole in your pocket with the never-ending demands for a treat!).

But now your friends can help you WIN! Yes, you can now earn Gift Vouchers for something your friend does for you and they benefit from it too.

Savetime now give you this opportunity where you can win Gift Vouchers when your friends registers with us through your reference. All you have to do is invite them to Savetime and ask them to register with us.

And that’s it! Seriously.

The process is as simple as 1-2-3

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Beat the October Heat!

October heatIn the Indian sub-continent, during the month of October and November the sun is gradually moving towards south weakening the monsoon trough or low pressure trough over the northern plains. As the south-west monsoon winds weaken and start withdrawing, the low pressure trough is gradually replaced by the high pressure-system. During this period of transition from the hot and humid rainy season to the dry winter conditions, the day temperatures are high while the night are comparatively cooler and pleasant. As the land is still moist and the weather becomes rather oppressive during the day, this transition is known as the October heat.

October heat begins with the hot and scorching heat in the day with cold chilly nights. It is this inconsistency in the weather conditions that greatly affect wellbeing resulting in ailments. Busy preparing for the winter not many take necessary precautions to beat the October heat. This is one of the major reason people tend to fall sick during the month of October and November.

Heat stress is one of the chief concerns during October that is the direct cause of many heat-related maladies including heat exhaustion and heat-stroke. Heat stress is related to increase in spreading diseases especially climate-sensitive waterborne and diarrhea disease.

The sultry weather during the day causes a major imbalance in the electrolytes of your body that makes you rush to the doctor. Simply put, this refers to a disturbance in the level of electrolytes like calcium, sodium, and potassium that is essential for normal functioning and well-being.

The disproportion in the body is due to the fluctuating temperatures, which is also one of the reasons that keep the virus active. The erratic temperatures result in excessive perspiration, weakness and body pain; seasonal flu is also on the rise during this time of October.

Though the sun rises after the cloudy and rainy monsoons and one wishes to get out in the sun extra care needs to be taken to shield from the ill effects of October heat. One of the best ways to clout the October heat is to drink plenty of water; you can drink electral powder mixed in water to maintain the electrolyte levels in your body.

Stay indoors during peak sunny hours and this does not mean you stay put closed in your rooms for long. Just stay aerated and hydrated and you are ready to take on the day. Wear light-colored clothes during the day but don’t forget to carry a warm sweater or jacket if you are often outdoors in late evenings.

One of the best ways to stay fit during this unpredictable weather change is to remain physically active. Go for a walk in the mornings or evenings or indulge in a sport of your choice, but do compensate for the water loss especially if you sweat profusely.

By Shraddha Barde

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Stress is just hype; only simple daily habits can defeat it

Stress has become a very common factor that is found in working professionals, many youngsters and even teenagers. Having the spirit to excel and giving your best is one thing and worrying about it all the time is another. When it comes to stress, it is only YOU who can help yourself. It’s as simple as accepting the fact, problems won’t stop occurring if you stress more. You will never be able to remove stress from your life completely, issues are going to creep up every now and then, and people around you (your parents, siblings, colleagues, seniors, managers)are going to expect higher and better performance every time.

It all comes down to how well you manage your stress.

Stress management starts with identifying the sources of stress in your life. This may not sound simple but in reality if you sit down and think, you will come up with a list on your own. The real reason of stress is not always obvious and more than often you tend to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You are aware that you are constantly worried about work deadlines but the real reason may be your procrastination that lands you in a soup.

Stress management comes with practice, you need to exercise habits. Your to-do list is never going to be complete and more tasks will keep adding but there is one task that should never come off your to-do list: Relax.

The following tips if practiced daily may help you manage your stress. Just a mere couple of minutes from your schedule and you’ll be fresh and energized to take what the day brings!


Meditation is one of the best ways to help you ease anxiety. Research has shown that when you meditate daily the neural paths in your brain may alter making you more pliant to stress. Meditation is a very simple process, sit up straight with both feet on the floor (you may also sit cross legged on the floor the bottom line is to sit up straight). Once you get comfortable, focus your attention on reciting a mantra loudly or silently that makes you feel positive. It can be anything like “I feel at peace” or “I am the strongest”. You can place your hands on your belly to sync the mantra with your breaths.

Just Breathe

Every time you feel you are worked up or beginning to stress due to the work load, take 5 minutes off and focus on your breathing. You can do this sitting at your desk in office, all you have to do is take deep breaths, inhale and exhale fully. Taking deep breaths releases stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.  5 minutes may seem a lot when at work but even if you try focusing on work you will be less productive. So take time off and just breathe!

Be Present

Live the moment, it’s as simple as that! You rush through dinner, hurry to reach the destination; you are running the race to strike off another to-do from your list. For a change try something different, try to slow down. Focus on the thing you are doing right now! If you’re having food, enjoy the texture and taste of every bite, notice how air feels on your face while walking or driving. When you are working concentrate on the task at hand and not about the problems that will arise in the next task. When you start to spend time in the moment and focus on your senses, you should feel the relaxation that grips your body and be more productive.

 Reach out

Very often you hear people saying, “Those were the golden, carefree days when we talked so much!” One of the major reasons that add to stress is not talking to family and friends. Take time out from your “busy” schedules to catch up with friends. Talk about worries that are troubling you and it will surprise you that talking out loud to your friends can do wonders to your mood. A good social support system plays a major role when dealing with stress. Meet friends face-to-face and spend time with them without talking or thinking of the to-do list, just have a good time! Having a good laugh is a great way to better manage whatever is stressing you out.

Listen to your body

Whether you believe it or not, your body is constantly talking to you, giving you signs to handle it with care. One of the best ways to manage stress and stay fit is to take up a sport of your choice – anything that requires physical involvement. Join a gym and more importantly go regularly, participate in a physical group activity you love whether it is cycling, running, football, table tennis or badminton. Just sweat it out at least for 45 minutes once in a day. You will be surprised by the wonders working on you. After continuous practice, you will see and feel the difference in you and your reaction to tension.

– By Shraddha Barde