Morning Routines

The Best Morning Routines To Kick Start Your Day Right

How many times your New Year’s resolution has been about improving your health and overall lifestyle? Almost every time, isn’t it? How many times did you fail to keep up with your resolutions just into the second week of January? Nearly every year, isn’t it? Half of the January gone by, chances are you might have given up n your resolution already and if not, then you are on the brink of giving it up. If this sentence has found you nodding in a yes then this article is meant for you.

This year, instead of not being able to keep up with your resolutions, why not try and build some healthy habits to live by? Forming a pattern is more natural than vowing to stick to something. The latter is called forcing yourself to do something that you are not willing to, and the former is refining your system to adhere to something.

How you start your day defines the rest of the day to follow and hence, it is essential to start your day on a good note. Developing a healthy morning routine can increase your efficiency and productivity throughout the day. Cut through the chaos of morning rush by incorporating these morning routine habits and kick-start your day on a happy note:

Drink Water

As soon as you open your eyes, catch hold of a water bottle instead of your mobile phone. Drinking water first thing in the morning is known to improve metabolism and to flush out toxins from the body. Apart from this, it helps in keeping your body hydrated through the day – especially on busy days where you don’t even remember to drink a glass of water. How much water should you drink? Well, there can never be a right answer to this. Drink as much as you can. Start this routine with a glass of water and gradually increase it to a litre of water every morning.

Stay Away from Mobile Phone

Since mobile phones have replaced alarm clocks, the first thing a person does is scrolls through their mobile notifications in the morning after opening their eyes. An American Mental Health study research suggests that reading work-related emails and texts first thing in the morning is known to escalate stress and anxiety levels in humans. Stay away from your phone in the morning hours. Devote the first couple of your waking hours to recreational activities like stretching, workout, listening to music or reading.

Exercise in the morning

The benefits of exercising are aplenty. Physical exercise is known to get rid of stress, tension and anxiety thereby improving blood circulation in the body, strengthening immune system, improving metabolism and better sleep habits. Starting your day with exercise keeps your body energised throughout the day. It helps in combating fatigue and exhaustion.


Meditation has various physical and mental health benefits. It helps in increasing concentration and focus along with reducing stress levels. It also keeps anxiety and panic at bay. Starting your day with a few minutes of meditation in the morning can result in high productivity and calmness throughout the day.

Devote time to learn something new

Morning hour is the best time to concentrate on learning or developing a new skill. Devote the morning hours to learning something new. It can be related to honing your professional skills or getting better at a hobby that you never found time for before. People who love reading can devote the morning hours to reading books.

Concentrate on what you are doing / Tame your thoughts

Learn to live in the moment. Every morning we wake up with a rush and keep mentally preparing for the day ahead without focussing on what we are doing. Brushing your teeth, drinking water, eating breakfast; everything is finished off in a jiffy. Stop doing that. Enjoy brushing your teeth, enjoy your meal – be mindful of what you are doing instead of always being in a rush of thoughts about what lies ahead.

Plan for your morning

The morning rush is often caused due to waking up late or being unprepared for the morning. Every day you are running late, but every night you tend to stretch yourself to the farthest limit of sleeping time. Stop doing this. Instead, invest your time in preparing for your morning. Set the alarm an hour early than your usual time. Prepare for your morning the night before going to bed. Iron your clothes and arrange everything in one place to avoid the chaos in the morning.

Your morning routine can make or break your day. Hence, it is imperative to form a healthy morning routine. A chaotic start to the day will end up in bigger chaos by the end of the day, and nobody wants to live a life like that. Follow these simple, healthy morning rituals and see the difference for yourself.

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