Staying Healthy During Your Vacation

A vacation is a fun and exciting time when you simply want to relax and let yourself loose. You want to celebrate, see new places, try different kinds of food and simply let your body indulge! But at the same time, it can also have some unhealthy and adverse effects due to the extensive amount of junk food you end up eating. You miss your workouts and also put on a massive amount of calories. You don’t want to put restrictions on yourself and also don’t want to hold back on anything. So what do you do? Here are a few ways in which you can enjoy your vacation and still stay healthy:

1) Keep a check on your calories intake

A study conducted by Linda H. Clemens EdD, RD, of the Consumer Science and Education Department at the University of Memphis suggested that people on vacation tend to splurge more on vacations when they eat out than they would on a normal meal outside of the home. This means that they end up consuming an abundance of fat and calories, much more than what the body requires. Hence, the idea is to not consider eating out as a special treat. Eat moderately and give your body only how much it needs, not how much it wants.

2) Pick your meal yourself

Hotels often provide package stays for tourists, which include food along with the stay. Restaurants provide unlimited buffet with a plethora of dishes. When you opt for options like that, you are going to end up overeating for sure. Instead, choose dishes from the à la carte menu to balance out your day. For example, if you have eaten a heavy seafood meal for lunch, end your day with a salad, and if you know that you have an unlimited spread of food planned for dinner, keep your day light by having fresh fruits and juices. A study showed that 80% of restaurants with meals averaging $25 per person have customers who are more interested in customized menu items. This means that people like to choose what they eat and are even particular about portion sizes.

3) Walk as often as you can

You are on vacation so you have all the time to do whatever you want since there is nowhere you have to reach and no deadlines that you have to follow. Opt for walking to your destination as often as you can. If you are on a beach or amidst the mountains, the walk will actually be beautiful and will also help you burn some calories. Do not hesitate to take a stroll after dinner, take a dip in the hotel swimming pool or go for an early morning trek!

4) Make water your BFF

No one is asking you to refrain yourself from the things you want to indulge in on your vacation. If you are sitting on the beach and getting a nice sun tan for your body in the afternoon, you are going to want to break open a few beers or sip on a Martini. But you can always be wise and choose better options such as tequila with lemon or whiskey with water. And keep sipping on lots and lots of water wherever you go to keep your body

hydrated! Travelling can dehydrate you a lot because you are always outdoors. Stock your car, hotel room or backpack with bottles of clean water so that they are handy at all times.

5) Carry a fully-equipped medical kit

Whether your vacation is highly adventurous or one that has low chances of mishaps, being prepared for the worse situations is always good. Carry adhesive bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, cotton balls, Band-Aids, Soframycin and pain killers. You can also keep Aloe Vera gel for small burns and antacids and laxatives for stomach problems.

6) Vaccinate yourself

If you are traveling international, a certain type of vaccinations may be compulsory in a few places. Even if they are not, visit your doctor 4-6 weeks prior to your departure date and get a heads up from him about your health status. The doctor can tell you specific vaccinations, medicines or any special precautions you need to take based on your health history and travel plans.

Lastly, make sure that you take good care of yourself and make the most of your vacation time. After all, being fit, physically and mentally, is what is going to get you back safely and keep you excited till you decide to set out on your next vacation!

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