Can Your Child Bid Goodbye To His Glasses?

Little Rahul was a naughty child but at the same time always stood among the top three rankers in his class. He also loved television and watching cartoons all day. When he turned four, he started complaining about frequent headaches and blurry vision while reading. On getting his eyesight tested, his parents realized that they need to get their son a pair of glasses. His parents were shocked that their child had been detected with a flaw at such a young age! Convincing him to wear his glasses at all times when all the other kids had clear visions was another difficult task that Rahul’s parents had to go through.

Rahul’s parents are not alone. Myopia and Hypermetropia are cases that a lot of kids these days are seen to be suffering from. A recent study published in the medical journal Paediatrics states that one out of every 20 pre-school aged children has a vision problem. Such incidences can be quite hard on the parents. They get overwhelmed and start stressing about the news. They also start worrying too much, worrying about buying new glasses, worrying that their child would have lifelong vision problems and that he would always be called the ‘boy with the glasses’. However, worrying does not solve any issues. More than taking stress about his current situation, as parents, you should focus on doing the right thing for your children and help them in developing a good vision.

While eyesight problem in children is not a disease that can be solved simply by taking a dose of medicines or performing a surgery, there are a lot of home remedies that can help your child to get rid of his spectacles. Their lifestyle and the food they consume play a major role in the healing process. Make sure that you give them food that has enough nutrients and vitamins to make their eyesight better. Green vegetables, fish like salmon and tuna, citrus fruit juices like orange and lemon, fruits like banana and nuts are very good for the eyes. Include more food that has vitamin E, C and A in their diets. Make sure that they drink a lot of water during the course of the day – water keeps the body hydrated and prevents dry eyes.

Simple exercises at home are safe for the children and are also designed to strengthen the eye over time, thus improving vision. Try the eye shift exercise using a pencil and a calendar. Place a calendar on the wall and have your child stand at least 10 feet away while holding a pencil in front of his/her face. Ask your child to focus on the pencil, and then to look at the numbers on the calendar. Then, have him look back at the pencil. Repeat this at least 10 times. You can also change the amount of distance between your child and the calendar.

Another great exercise is the tracking exercise. Kids who struggle with skipping over words, switching up the order of letters, and losing their spot while reading a text can benefit from this exercise. Hook a ball to some string or a shoe lace. Hang the ball so that it is in line with your child’s nose, and tell him to watch the ball as you swing it back and forth. Repeat this exercise as you swing it side to side. Your child should be following the movement of the ball with his/her eyes only – no head movements!

Restricting the TV watching and video games time also helps because these activities put additional strain on the eyes. Spend a “No TV” Sunday evening with your children, play

some games with them, cook dinner together, read stories to them – this will also help you strengthen your bond with them 🙂

Most importantly, make sure that your kids wash their eyes often and keep them clean so that it reduces chances of infection or any kind of dust particles settling on the surface of their eyes. As long as you make your child stick to a healthy diet and spare some time daily for these exercises, he is definitely on his way to a clearer vision and can get rid of his glasses sooner than you’ll know!

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