How Mobile Apps are Set to Transform your Healthcare Experience

The smartphone has become our very own virtual assistant. From managing finances to our social network, is there anything that we cannot do from our smartphones today? Much like everything else, we can also put our smartphones to good use to manage our health and fitness. In this blog, we explore seven ways in which the smartphone can completely transform your healthcare experience.

1. Medical history management

We all, at some point, have reached a doctors consultation only to realize that we are not carrying our medical records along with us. Or we are in a strange city but need access to our medical history. What do you do then? Your smartphone can come in handy to save all your and your family’s medical history and make it accessible for you anytime, anywhere.

2. Test and Prescription Management

Medical test records and prescriptions can be very hard to keep since these can become voluminous in no time. It also is very easy to lose these bits of valuable health information owing to improper filing. Now instead of rummaging through piles of paper we can use our smartphones to manage all test results and prescriptions. Goodbye, paper hassles!

3. Disease management

Mobile phone applications can help in disease management by providing reminders and maintaining health logs. For example, diabetics can use their smartphone to ensure that their food and medicine intake is on time. Smartphone applications can also monitor heart rates and blood pressure, track salt and calorie intake and also track sleep, all of which can help in chronic disease management.

4. Medical Finance Management

Keeping track of medical finances can be tough but the smartphone can make it very easy. Right from medical bills and expenses, insurance claims and related details can all be stored and accessed from our smartphones whenever required.

5. Analytics

Do you know how many times you fell last year? Can you tell if you fall sick at a specific time in a year or after eating something in particular? Do you remember how many times your physician has asked you to take ‘a particular’ medical test? Well, your smartphone can come in handy if you want to gain access to these medical analytics. Smartphone apps can compare previous medical history, assess all the crucial checkpoints, and throw up relevant data that can give you intelligent insights into the current state of your medical health.

6. Tracking Nutrition

We are what we eat but isn’t it hard to track nutrition levels? Mobile apps on your smartphone can not only track their nutrition level by keeping a food diary that helps them identify how many calories you are consuming but also help you set calorie goals.

Such apps give a breakdown of fats, carbs, protein, vitamins, sugar, and sodium and help you understand your food habits. What’s more is that the daily decided calorie intake can be modified when a regular dose of exercise is included in the daily routine!

7. Fitness Tracking

Technology has been blamed for making us lazy. Now we can use technology to prove that we are not. Fitness-tracking apps are a great way to assess your daily fitness levels. From tracking the number of steps you take in a day to measuring distance covered while walking, running or biking, these apps also provide you information on the number of calories you have burnt while doing these exercises.

Presently, there are approximately 5,820 health and fitness apps available according to The World of Health and Medical Apps. With global smartphone sales predicted to hit 1.5 billion units by 2016, the mobile app ecosystem is only going to grow stronger. And much like the smartphones, that are becoming increasingly smarter. It will come as no surprise that these applications too will become progressively intelligent.

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