15 foods you should eat to lose weight (…and this isn’t some spam in your inbox)

image courtesy: publicradio.org
image courtesy: publicradio.org

Weight loss need not be a sudden cut in calorie intake and an intensive workout that leaves you overworked and exhausted. Just like alternative therapies have popularised in recent times, people are now switching to eating more meals per day (obviously smaller ones) to maintain a high metabolic rate and lower BMI (body-mass index) to stay in shape.

The thumb rules are: never skip your breakfast; take it easy on the diet. Eat when you feel hungry. Don’t starve to lose calories. In fact, studies say, when we go on starvation mode, our bodies tend to convert sugar into fats to keep the body going for hours without food. This increases the chances of obesity. So take it easy. Workout for an hour everyday and eat right when you feel it.  Here’s your guide to the superfoods that boost weight loss.

1.   Black beans
One cup of black beans is a rich source of wholesome protein that doesn’t contain any saturated fats. It’s easy to make. Baked beans on a brown bread toast. Eat one portion.

2.   Oats
There’s nothing as good as having oats for your breakfast if you’re determined to lose weight. Oats are rich in fibre so one serving can make you feel full all day long. Half a cup of oats everyday in your breakfast has 4.6 gms of resistant starch and a healthy carbohydrate which increases metabolism and burns fat.

3. Avocados
This creamy fruit has a bit of sugar and fat but worry not – it’s the right fat. Oleic acid (found in heathy monosaturated fats) in avocados actually shuts hunger significantly. Even if you have quarter of an avocado, it can burn your belly fat away.

4. Salmon
Salmon is a lean source of protein. This means it will make you feel full without adding fat. So include Salmon in your diet and get a full body without flab. But more than 50% women are unaware of this nutrient. Salmon contains monosaturated fat (like avocados). A new study revealed that dieters who ate monosaturated fat-rich diet lost 9 pounds while their low-fat counterparts gained 6 pounds. So make your choice between the right kind of fat and anything that claims to be ‘low fat’ or ‘0 calories’.

5. Blueberries
Blueberries are a blessing for girls who want to stay in shape and ageless. They are powerful antioxidants. So mentally and physically both, you’ll stay young. They are anti-inflammatory too. Just one cup of blueberries will help you feel full with 4 gms of fibre. Calorie count: 80 calories only! Plus, they are one of the best-tasting superfoods for dieters. Avoid entertaining the thought of a blueberry cheesecake though.



6. Broccoli
Known for its cancer-preventing (anti-carcinogenic) properties, broccoli (whether cooked or raw) will only give you 30 calories per serving. With a serving as light as that, it obviously takes care of your weight issues.

7. Brown Rice
Who said quit rice to lose weight? Don’t listen to these myths and make yourself aware of the facts. A half cup of brown rice contains 1.7 gms of resistant starch and figure-friendly carbs that boost metabolism and burn fat. Brown rice, like oats, is a low-energy-density-food. This means it’s heavy and filling but low on calories.

8. Grapefruit
If you’re not the kind who would change their diet to lose weight, grapefruit is your best friend. It loves your figure unconditionally! Eating half a grapefruit before each meal will help you lose almost one pound a week! Not only that, a compound in grapefruit lowers insulin. It also contains a fat-storage hormone which promotes weight loss. Grapefruit is 90% water. It fills you up enough so you eat less.

9. Wine
Beer drinkers, if you’re personal trainer asked you to quit alcohol suddenly, don’t be disappointed. Wine is the solution for you. It contains resveratol, the antioxidant found in grape skin. It stops fat storage. Research tells us that wine drinkers have narrower waistlines and less fat belly than other liquor drinkers. So say cheers to wine because one glass can burn your calorie count for about 90 minutes.


10. Kidney beans
Kidney beans or rajma have essential proteins and fibre. Even a single serving offers more than 5 grams of fibre. They are also rich in resistant starch which is a slimming carb.

11. Almonds
Nuts are the ultimate superfoods for slimming, enriching your mind and immunity. Almonds can help you lose some pounds. So soak them overnight and eat them every morning during breakfast. Almonds are also healthy snacks for curbing that hunger pang in between meals.

12. Green tea
A cup of green tea is all about good health. Drinking three cups of green tea everyday burns 200 calories! Green tea is big on antioxidants that help fat burn. If you have five cups of green tea, you can shed up to twice as much weight around your belly.

13. Lentils
A cup of lentils contains 3.4 gms of resistant starch. This means your body’s metabolic rate will rise and help you burn fat. Lentils are also the best source of protein if you are a vegetarian and your diet doesn’t include eggs.

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14. Eggs
Nothing can beat a full, staple breakfast of baked (or boiled eggs) with brown bread. Eggs happen to be the richest source of protein. So having boiled eggs in your breakfast can curb your appetite and keep you full all day. A new study found that overweight women who ate eggs lost twice as much weight compared to women who ate bagels for breakfast. And if you can make eggs florentine (baked spinach and eggs) for your breakfast, your body probably lacks nothing after this power breakfast.

15. Oranges
One orange equals only 59 calories and a large dose of fibre. Some Australian researchers made a list of 38 top foods that make you feel full and oranges ranked the highest among fruits. Also, oranges are rich source of vitamin C. They can improve the quality of skin significantly.

While there are a whole host of foods that might do the same, you cannot go wrong with these 15 easily available foods. It is better to buy these foods from local markets. That way you eat food that is more home grown than supermarket stuff – that way you eat healthier and also maintain a low carbon footprint.


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