Quick fixes for that aching tummy (and a link to choose the right doc in case your stomach needs more than a quick fix)

Woman Feeling Unwell
image courtesy: bakerchiropractic.org

When a stomachache was an excuse to not go to school, it was fun. But when you actually get a stomachache, it is not fun. Especially after you are older an ache could mean losing business or being unable to perform at your optimal levels.

The stomach is the place where your food is turned into fuel. And so a bad digestive system plays havoc with the body in general. Good digestion is the surest indicator of good health, which is impossible without a healthy stomach.

There will be times when your tummy will be tense. What you need to do is use these quick tips for quick relief. However, before we get on with the quick fixes, you need to remember that for long term stomach health, the only thing that works is a sensible diet low on fats, sugars and other aggravating substances like too many spices. Moderation while indulging (sounds ironic?) must be your stomach health mantra always. Anyway, here are the quick fixes:

For the upteenth time, we have to talk about EXERCISE. If you are not exercising, your digestive system will be sluggish and give up on you just when you need to go for that big Friday night party. The least you can do to keep your stomach functioning like a well-oiled machine is to take a walk. A kilometre, to begin with. That’s about a 15-20 minute walk. Not too long, is it?

Get rid of stress. Any kind of stress reflects on the stomach. If there is an ache, gently apply pressure in a circular motion with your fingers to the area that’s four finger-widths above your navel for about 5 minutes.

If you eat one rosogulla or gulab jamun, that’s around 300kcal. That’s an hour’s intense workout on your tab. This simply means the next sweetmeat should be off your plate. In fact, don’t even share it with anyone. Stuff your dustbin instead. Never ever stuff your stomach. Overeating can trigger a stomachache, and when that happens take a break from food. If you have stuffed yourself the night before, go on a liquid diet for a day: soup, juice, green tea, small fruit portions etc.

Friendly bacteria is the company that your stomach needs. In fact, if you suffer from IBS, probiotic drinks like Yakult could work for you. Any  probiotic supplement containing Bifidobacterium infantis 35624, can bring real relief for all of the major IBS symptoms like constipation, diarrhoea, and abdominal pain.

There is a reason why the Chinese and the Japanese keep sipping on tea (without milk) all day. Go for a hot cup of green tea and feel your stomach cleansed. Tea helps your stomach muscles relax. Remember that tea with milk is not a healthy combination as it makes your stomach acidic.

If these fixes don’t work, it is time to visit a doctor. If you want to find the right doctor CLICK HERE. There are over 4,000 doctors to choose from, and you can choose area-wise. If you’re not from Pune, you can even get instant health advise from our expert doc HEREAlso, to find a gastroenterologist, click HERE.

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