Sex up your health

How many of you talk about sex? And how many of you know the health benefits of sex? It’s much, much more than fun

Couple Lying on a Beach

Talking about sex is a taboo, but in itself it is as natural as feeling hungry. We know this, yet we don’t know it. I mean, if sex has the potential to give birth to a new life, just imagine the healing powers of sex. This means that the stuff that life is made of comes from sex. Now, how is that for a perspective?

Sexy Health Facts

  • One of the reasons why this caught my attention: sex can help you lose weight. Yes! One sack session can burn 200 calories. That’s as good as a 15-minute run. Who wants to run these winter mornings anyway? Just get jiggy inside your quilt.
  • According to, frequent orgasms, at least a hundred per year can add 3 to 8 years to your life. That’s about 0.28 orgasms a day. While the stat may sound weird, two orgasms per week is achievable. In any case, forget the longevity factor, it is pure pleasure.
  • After you have sex, the hormone called prolactin is released, causing stem cells in the brain to develop new neurons in the brain’s olfactory bulb, which happens to be the brain’s smell centre.
  • Studies suggest that frequent orgasms can protect a man from prostate cancer. And also frustration (and that’s no rocket science).
  • If you are having sex more than three times a week, the risk of heart attack and stroke is reduced by 50%. Sex, just like love, is great for heart health.
  • In the first year of a relationship when people are in love, the nerve growth factor is increased. Nerve growth factor is a hormone-like substance that restores the nervous system and increases memory as it helps the growth of new brain cells. It simply means they are having a lot of sex.
  • Sex and orgasms, including masturbation, are known to help insomnia.
  • Couples who have a healthy sex life are less prone to heavy drinking and drug abuse.
  • People who have sex four times or more a week, look 10 years younger. A 10-year-long study carried out by David Weeks, MD, Royal Edinburgh Hospital, wherein he interviewed 3500 adults who were having sex four times a week, proved that sex can reverse aging because it produces the human growth hormone.

Sex when you’re sick…

Sex can be a great medicine when you’re sick. So, if you’re having a headache, don’t use it as an excuse to avoid sex. No performance pressure here, people. Ditch the excuse now that you’re empowered with the health benefits of sex. In fact, sex has the ability to alleviate pain. It helps in relieving migraine, back pain, arthritis and menstrual cramps. Isn’t that good news, ladies?

More sex pumps up estrogen levels in women. Estrogen protects against osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease in women.

Sex: The best beauty pack

Believe it when your friends compliment the ‘glow’ on your face the next morning. Having sex regularly improves hair, skin and makes your eyes brighter. And with its anti-aging properties, you’ll most probably give the ladies who spend more time on botox than in bed, a run for their money!

If you are a going to be a mommy, having sex can help you ease labour pain. Semen can help a speedy delivery. For a natural birth, sex is your drug.

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