Thank you for making us the best start-up

photo 4
The Savetime booth at PuneConnect 2013

Savetime thanks PuneConnect’s audience for their immense support and love. We are honoured to have become your favourite healthcare destination in Pune. Yesterday, we saw the announcement at and we were simply thrilled to know that we got the maximum number of votes for the Audience Choice award for the best start-up in Pune.

The event saw more than 1,000 professionals from IT / ITES and other sectors. We were among the top 27 start-up companies which got shortlisted for a demo at PuneConnect – the city’s largest start-up shootout. Our team stood by us to set up the booth and presented us at their best. A team of 15 people represented Savetime at the event. The team wore tee-shirts that read, ‘If an apple a day doesn’t work, visit’. As a welcoming gesture, we gave away apples to people at the event.

We would like to thank our team who make us who we are each day. We are proud of our team for its contribution at the event and for interacting with the audience. On asking how he felt about the grand win, Mitesh  Bohra, co-founder, Savetime said, “An award from the audience is a high that every entrepreneur seeks. I am a dreamer and find a surreal thrill in a start-up environment. At Savetime, it’s not only my dream to bring real patient-centric innovation into the world but also contribute to the rapidly developing start-up ecosystem in India. Audience is the best jury out there and to get such love from them is phenomenal. It’s a very humbling experience. I sincerely thank all our supporters. Time to go back to work where we continue to keep doing what we do best and march forward towards realising our collective dreams — becoming the TripAdvisor of the healthcare industry.”

Team Savetime poses for the shutterbug during a break. Note the basket of apples -- every visitor to the booth got one
Team Savetime poses for the shutterbug during a break. Note the basket of apples — every visitor to the booth got one

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