A wakeup call for doctors? New age healthcare

“Why admit her in ICU for 5 days for an E-coli infection especially after you have isolated the bacteria through blood work and determined which antibiotics it is not resistant to?” I asked a reputed doctor.

What transpired for almost 20 minutes after this question was a classical offense-as-the-best-way-of-defense story. I was accused of being this new generation guy who reads up half-baked stuff on the internet and thinks they are more qualified than doctors. I was told to perform diagnosis and was told “bring anyone who can challenge my diagnosis”.

For the first few minutes of taking this onslaught, I was baffled. What did I say that made our डॉक्टर साब so angry? It was simply a question, a desire to understand what and why, something that is increasingly becoming a fundamental need in modern times.

It was only later did I realize that doctors in India aren’t really used to any kind of questioning, let alone a harmless information seeking question. We Indians have been living for decades in a deprived society sorely lacking education, awareness and more importantly lack of choice in which doctor you can go to. That made doctors “gods”.

That’s what is changing. The new gen is armed with a lot more education, medical information and the courage to ask questions. If a doctor is unwilling to have such conversation with patients and/or their relatives, they are putting themselves in grave danger. Not the danger of a lawsuit or a lost patient but the danger of becoming obsolete.

The new gen doctors have tremendous opportunity here to develop greater rapport and bond with the patient community by being responsive and by simply having conversations with them. The new era powered by the Internet and availability of information at your fingertips has established itself in the uprooting of traditional industries. Look around you: is travel industry the same, is retail industry the same? Healthcare services will be no exception.

It’s a wakeup call for doctors…

Mitesh Bohra, CEO & Co-founderMitesh is CEO, Co-founder at savetime.com. He has been working in the industry for over 16 years and this is his 3rd startup after InfoBeans and Infosignz. Mitesh is a BE in Electronics from India and has dual MBA from Columbia Business School, New York and Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, California.

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4 thoughts on “A wakeup call for doctors? New age healthcare”

  1. This is a perfect dialog. Docs have been referred as gods in India from ancient times due to lack of education from patient’s side. Docs in India these days are 100% business professionals. Almost everybody has been a victim of doctors greed in their lifetime, knowing or unknowingly. I volunteer at Stanford Medical center and a non-profit rare disease organization. After talking to several patients and trying to help them, I have realized that modern patients are more educated than doctors about their own ailment – The reason is simple, the patient has the best of interest to focus and learn from the wealth of information available on internet and discussion forums, which a doctor will never be able to digest. My doctor’s network in USA recognizes this fact and are keen to listen and learn from such patients. The medical world has to change for better …!

  2. There are quite a few homeopathic doctors who understand all the medical reports and give appropriate medicine. Mostly we deal with non-life threatening situations where Homeopathic doctor is well suited. I understand that in USA you cant go to a hoeopathic doctor anymore

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